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About Us

Blockhouse Media is a turnkey creative Marketing agency, specializing in brand
communication, creative production, film, radio, still and motion graphics. We are
also the top agency in broadcasting and Live streaming with the only AV producer
in Zambia being founder of BHM.

Who we are

We are one of the very few agencies who can boast of being full capacity production house having the ability to create, produce campaigns/communication and implement under one roof.

Malekano Mwanza

Founder and CEO

Pamela Mashanda

Production manager

Juvensio Phiri


Khwima A. Mkandawire

Accounting Consultant

Chrispin Chembe

Creative manager

Our Services

We provide a wide array of  services

Marketing and Brand Communication

In 2021, consumers are spoilt for choice than ever before when considering products
and services. This calls for more creative marketing and brand communication
and that is why Blockhouse provides up to date services that include:

Event AV and Video Production

We believe that video lets you establish authority and a more personal feel to your
message. Using videos by far is more likely to connect on an emotional level with
your audience this is why we put our hears in

Animation and Motion Graphics

Today you only have a split second to get the attention of your audience. In fighting
against a sea of colorful spam and eye-catching advertising, grabbing their attention
is harder than ever before. Motion graphics and animation are tools required
to grab the attention of customers quickly and effectively. Our in-house motion
graphics department is one of a kind in producing;

Audio Visual (AV) and Livestream

Blockhouse has been at the center of innovation when it comes to Live streaming and conferencing with talk back for key events such as virtual AGMs, EGMs, Stakeholder engagements and converts.

Our expertise in this field has led us to being that agency that is trusted for all international concerts including Joe Thomas, Brian McKnight, Black Coffee, Boys II Men.

Forensic and Neuroscience Marketing Using AI and Big Data

New on our Catalogue is the use of Augmented Intelligence in forensic marketing where data derived from integrating APIs into any given CRM to understand customer behavior therefore marketing to the characteristics and personas. Neuromarketing further looks at how your brand can be remembered using the human senses of smell, sound and sight.


How We Work



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